Danny's Letters to God
Monday Morning Blahs

Dear God,

Today is Monday and it's absolutely frightening that this thing called time seems to be gathering more speed each day as it whizzes through my life. I'm grateful for yet another day to seek Your will, but slow me down or better still slow down the rest of the world. I've got all these things I'm going to do tomorrow or at some point in the future and somehow they are never done. This morning the posts contained a nice note from Florida that the state convention is drawing near. Hell, if I blink my eyes it will be here and gone, another memory. Must be the Monday morning blahs I'm feeling and they need to go where all blahs go, to kingdom blaha never to return. So there. The weekend passed without any major upheavals and so far no mention of shopping for furniture or worse yet for clothes. The woman You sent to run my life is determined to keep me up to date clothing-wise. I know that if I wait long enough my wardrobe will be current. Happens every twenty years or so.

She will start to pack some huge luggage ten days before the trip and I will use my trusty duffel the morning I leave and use my CRS as an excuse for forgetting the suitcase. Ahhh, life is so much fun. Today I'm off to Brooklyn and the beginning of a new week. No football, SIGH. You could give me the wisdom to know Your will and the power to carry it out. Might be nice if You would watch over my family, friends, fellow loopies, those who still suffer, and let us not forget the folks I don't like.

And Why Not?
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