Easier the Mountains Than Sand in Our Shoes

Dear God,

There is so much to be thankful for today as everyday I enjoy the gifts You provide for me. Brunch with the family on Sunday was marvelous, and I felt so complete when all the grandbabies were all vying for my attention. I'll bet You feel that way too, when we come to You for love and affection. I am sad we did not get to the beach, but it was probably too hot anyway.

As I look back over all the years since my original sobriety and Abstinence, one very important fact jumps out at me. It was during the hard times that my attitudes were in-line with You, and not eating was easier, and the good times were rough for food problems. Now my life is great and eating compulsively does not enter the picture. You have given me yet another miracle in my life -- there is no end to Your generosity. To sum it up, I say, as the old wise man told me many years ago, "mountains we climb easily, it's the sand in our shoes we trip over."

Please take over the ladies in my family and this wedding extravaganza taking place soon. I listen to them argue and fight over hemlines, and who needs longer or shorter, and what if this or that. Everything is a major catastrophe. The groom asked me what to do? I laughed and told him to stay out of the way and do as told. If that does not work, HIDE!!!!

As I sit here gabbing away with You, the clock tells me to hurry up, but it feels so good and easy to talk to You. The clock be damned. There was a time when talking to my God was not so easy, that's when I still wanted those old comfortable character defects, which by the way I am at times inclined to fall back into. I also know that as I love my children even when they are doing wrong that You love me even more. Now that's a warm fuzzy feeling.

Please watch over my family, friends, loop buddies, those who still suffer, and especially the people in my life who have harmed me, and relieve me of any resentments I have toward them. Thanks for yet another day.

And Why Not?
The Recovery Group

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