A TRG Coordinator is someone, who is willing to be of service to other compulsive overeaters. We are dedicated to our Recovery and know that the only way to keep it is by giving it away. We especially want to enable others to reap the promises of our Twelve Steps.We believe that we can be of use by encouraging and supporting our fellows. We are willing to commit… and do the best we can.

We are relatively new and we are old-timers and we are somewhere in between… We know that each of us has something unique to offer and we are eager to “hear” what our fellows have to say.

We are not gurus, nor are we better than… we are just people who are willing to give back a small measure of what we receive

. We are not computer wizards, nor are we ignorant. We do not have all the answers but we are willing to help others (and as a bonus ourselves) in their search for them….

A Coordinator sets aside time to read what you have to say… and responds if need be… A Coordinator will prepare a report because it needs to be done, he or she will write an article, place an url on a search engine, or do any number of little things to help TRG reach its goal of touching every compulsive overeater’s heart on the planet.

A Coordinator is me, you and your friend on the loop… A Coordinator just is another COE but with one added plus: the willingness to give service to others because he/she has realized that this is a very good way to enhance their own program.

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