I think a good coordinator can definitely help to nurture a loop in terms of size and participation. As a schoolteacher, I've always been aware of the value of role modeling behaviour. Just as a good leader models correct behaviour and protocol in a meeting, so coordinators need to model correct behaviour and protocol in a loop.

A good coordinator ought be very visible on the loop. I think you set the tone by welcoming new members and making them feel comfortable; by inviting loop members to welcome new members and thereby developing a sense of community, and comfort; by motivating members to participate through posting ESH daily; by showing commitment and care and conscientiousness by regularly responding to other members'posts; by brainstorming ideas that can both involve and provide recognition for loop members; by providing inspiring ESH or stimulating topics - particularly if the loop becomes sluggish, and by finding creative and innovative ways to help the loop reach potential new loop members.

By modelling these qualities and thereby instilling them in the loop membership - the loop participation and size will occur naturally in leaps and bounds simply by word of mouth!!

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