One of the most important assets of a good coordinator is caring. Caring about the members of their loop and the 12 step program they are representing.

A coordinator is the guiding hand for any loop they are a part of. We all will do this differently, some sharing consistently, some staying in the background and only writing when their group becomes stagnant, some very open, some never mentioning personal feelings.

Whatever a coordinators style of guiding their list it is important that it's members always are made to feel that each is an intragel part of that list. That you, as coordinator, are aware of what is being said and that they have a safe place to say what they need to as a part of their recovery.

A coordinator also has an obligation to their list to know TRG Guidelines and when unsure if something that has occurred on their loop may have been in violation of these guidelines to contact their Division Head or TRG Administration and discuss it with them.

~ Nancy

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