In the years since my involvement with TRG, I have learned that the sharing on our loops comes in waves. Sometimes a loop is so busy that we can't keep up, and at other times, so quiet we wonder if we are the only person there... Either way, the loop serves a function, beside the obvious one of helping us focus on our own recovery by doing service.

It is important to remember that silence or great activity are not personal to us as coordinators. People are not quiet because we say or do not say something profound or important. Sharing occurs when the reader is moved.

Tales of our antics in active coe may be funny. Stories of our old bizarre reaction to life when our faces were firmly planted in our plates may be interesting. But they tend to carry the mess rather than the message. Philosophical arguments on the nature of God are fascinating. Discussions of current controversies have their place, however, it's not here in our loops,

Those times when we grow frustrated with our loops and find ourselves lamenting that "they are so darn quiet" or "they are whiney" are probably indications that we need to take a good hard look at how we, ourselves, share.

What we share about how we got into recovery and how we stayed here through practicing the Twelve Steps is the real message of recovery. That's what we are all looking for when we join a loop. It is also important to remember that our shares must be positive. We can find another loop to "open up to" if need be. I know this sounds harsh, but people are people - and they expect "more" from the loop coordinators than they do from each other. IS it fair???? Nope.... but it happens.

Our primary purpose is to carry the message to the still-suffering addict, and how and what we share in the loops we are responsible for, can either contribute significantly to this effort or detract greatly... The choice, and the responsibility is ours.

~ Danielle

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