Part of the coordinators' duties - and that includes BOTH coordinators, when there are two; and of course the sole coordinator when there is just one - is to read and "filter" loop mail. Let me explain this. I don't think that every post needs a response. For example, if Suzi writes that she had a challenge with arthritis, but went walking anyway; then Joe writes that this helped him, too, and Ray says that for him walking isn't possible but he is OK with his food plan... this is a theme and you can respond to the theme as a whole; rather than replying to Suzi, Ray and Joe individually. This will help cut down on how many posts you personally have to make. If the sharing on the loop is good, and it remains OA-oriented, then you don't need to introduce topics (unless you feel led to do so).

The one important thing is to be sure the loop stays OA-centered. In the same example above, Suzi might have said she uses Ben Gay, and Ray says he likes Mineral Ice and Joe likes Aspercreme. This discussion needs to be derailed by the coordinator, who can remind the group that we don't want to promote specific brands and just say you used a topical remedy.

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