Much more emphasis needs to placed on scouting for prospective trusted servants. Rather than waiting for members to volunteer for the dozens of vacant trusted servant positions, coordinators should be actively engaged in finding capable people. The key is careful watchfulness, grooming and recruitment.

Coordinators should be monitoring the loop posts with an eye to spotting potential talent. Savvy coordinators should always have recruitment potential in mind when corresponding with newcomers and the general membership. They have the means and the yardstick to assess the potential, dedication level, general enthusiasm, and skills of members because they can actually get to know members ongoingly.

If they find a diamond in the rough, this potential talent ought to be ACTIVELY nurtured, encouraged and brought to the attention of TRG's Trusted Servants Coordinator and the Division Chair. There are three occasions when you should look for a potential coordinator: 1. When your loop needs a second coordinator; 2. When you know of a loop which has no Coordinators; and 3. When your term of your service is about up and you do not plan to renew it or wish to serve another loop. In this case, the protocol is to give two weeks notice and offer to train your replacement.

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