The Loop Coordinators are very much like a parent, a mother hen, a party host or a teacher. The Coordinators welcome you when you join us and say goodbye when you leave. They are there to answer your questions, to help you adjust to your new recovery home and to work with the administrators and division chairs to keep the loops humming. They sometimes introduce topics and remind you of things that you need to be reminded of. They share their ESH with you and are there when you need them. It is vital for many reasons that members hear from their coordinators often. Remember the little story and Piglet and Pooh as they were walking down the trail. Piglet kept reaching out and touching Pooh as they continued walking ... and finally Pooh asked Piglet: "Piglet, why do you keep reaching out and touching me." Piglet responded ... "I just wanted to make sure you were still there." Members are sort of like Piglet ... they want to make sure their coordinator is there.

Coordinators serve other purposes, however, than just "being there." It may be that the loop is languishing and needs a "shot in the arm." It may be that someone has written and some sort of response is needed which could lead to a topic or thread. Loop members need to know their coordinator and by sharing often this is a way of accomplishing that.

Our Trusted Servants, according to the Traditions of The Recovery Group, serve one-year terms but are encouraged to renew their term for another year in December of each year. And, perhaps, each year after that for a very long time.


Two Coordinators per loop.

Coordinators send personal welcome and farewell letters.

Coordinators may announce each new member to the loop members. There are some differening views on this. Many think it is a courtesy and others feel it's an intrusion. In a large loop, it may add to the mail volume; however, in a loop with a very low mail volume, it means a lot to know that the loop is active.

Coordinators put their list on Search Engines monthly. This, perhaps, is at the very top of the priority list of coordinator responsibilities. There is a Search Engine page set up to make things easier for coordinators. It is located at www.therecoverygroup.org/searchengines.html. This only takes a few minutes each month. Google is the largest search engine.

Coordinators send a monthly report to RecoveryIntergroup@lists.therecoverygroup.org. A template is available. The reports are due on the first of each month and past due on the 3rd.

Coordinators keep their loop members participating.

Coordinators become members of the Recovery Intergroup. This is not a busy group except when an important issue is being discussed and voted on. Then, it becomes very busy.

Coordinators check their loop mail daily.

Coordinators confer often with Recovery Loops Adm or TRGAdm. They are always available to answer questions and to receive suggestions.

TRG's Loop Coordinators send a brief report of loop activity once a month to the Intergroup, as stated above. It is also a good idea to send the report to members as some are interested in that.

Anything else that the Coordinator feels would make his/her list a better recovery home for the members is encouraged.

*Coordinators of BB and WTS Study Groups have additional responsibilities.

*The responsibilities above have been timed and we find that they take very time if done daily and consistently.

*Some loops are study loops with leaders each month. The Coordinator makes sure that those leaders are in place at the beginning of each year and reminds the leaders a week before he/she leads. The Coordinator announces the new leader and thanks the old leader.

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