One Day at a Time

Purple Splotch & Hair Cut

Well, I'm feeling a bit better this evening. My stomach is still very queasy, but better than it was earlier today. I had to go to my regular doctor for a checkup today and found that I have a huge purple splotch under my left arm. My doctor sent me to see my breast surgeon to make sure it wasn't something from that. He said that it's Candida, a yeast infection!!!! It looks ugly, but doesn't hurt or itch.

I got a haircut and broke down and cried. I have the sweetest hair dresser. When we tried on my wig to have her style it for me. I told her that I looked like a cancer patient. She immediately removed it and put it back in the box. She said we'd work on this at another time. My hair is cut very short. It's cute, but I still had to cry. She just hugged me and wouldn't let me pay for it. She's a true angel.

The smell off food cooking is horrible. I can hardly stand it. I can't drink coffee because it makes me nauseated and I'm a coffee-aholic! On the bright side, my weight is down. I'm finally under 200 and my blood pressure is finally down to 130/86 which is much better than it was last Friday. I've lost 7 pounds since Friday. I know that's not good, but there's not much I can do about that. I'm going to try and eat some dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is one week out from chemo. Today was the first decent day. Yesterday I went to the Cancer Center and had 2 units of IV fluids along with 4 or 5 anti-nausea meds. Today I had a decent day and was able to work for about 6 hours at home. That was great. Tomorrow is blood work. I'm ready to see where I'm at on that one.

~ Lee Anne



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