One Day at a Time

Bad Hair Day

I go in the morning to have the port put in and chemo begins Friday. The port is a device that is surgically implanted under the skin in my chest and connected to an artery. The port makes it possible to have the chemo, blood work, and any IV fluids without having to search for a vein. I have to admit I'm a bit nervous. I'm at the office today and have done everything I know to do to get things in order here. Say a prayer for my student aide. He is having to take up the slack while I'm gone. I was able to contact people at the district office and will be working out of the house for a while. They realize that there will be days that I may not feel up to coming in. Those days, if I feel like it, I can work at home. A secure link will be established for me at home. That takes a load off me.

I'm not in a dilemma concerning my hair. I need a haircut, with or without shaving my head. I had said from the beginning that I was going to shave my head before my hair starts to fall out. My current plan is to have that done next week; however, my mother and sister are having a really hard time with this. I think that once my head is shaven, it becomes real for them. My doctor has already said that the chemo will cause me to lose my hair. I just don't want clumps falling out on my pillow or in my hairbrush. But on the other hand, I want to help my family also. What to do? What to do???

I decorated a baseball cap last night. It's my new official "chemo" cap. The crown is covered with rhinestones. I still have a few more to put on it. It's really kinda cute!

I'm nervous. I wish I had never had to learn things like invasive ductal carcinoma or ER/HR negative and Her2 negative. What do those words have to be in my vocabulary for? God better have a good reason for this one!!!!

I've got a stash of funny books to read and all of my gaudy jewelry and hats. I even bought a new red hat yesterday. I had ordered a squishy body pillow and it came in today, so I'm grateful for that. I have a small one, but I like the idea of curling up with a large one. Very comforting!!!

I've covered all of my bases, I think. My family is having a hard time. It's difficult for them. I look fine, but am not.

This journey sucks. I don't want to take it, but basically have no choice. Well, I do, but I don't want that option. So, deep breath, off I go.....

Rhinestones a glaring!!!!

~ Lee Anne



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