One Day at a Time

Bald is Beautiful!!

I woke up this morning and my head itched. When I took my hand down, I had hair in my hands. So off it all came.

I had my brother bring his beard trimmer and my sister shaved it all off. I was more upset over having just a little cut than this. I feel so empowered!!!! I'm wearing a cute denim baseball hat. My brother wants me to put on a wig. NO WAY!!!! Just because his hair is almost to his ass doesn't mean mine has to be.

Mom's going to be shocked when she gets home, but it's something that had to be done. I feel good about it. Even my little niece likes it. She smiles when she sees my bald head. She told me that she likes things that are different.

This is a GOOD THING!!!!

~ Lee Anne



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