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My name is Lee Anne and I am a compulsive eater working a 12 Step Program. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and as part of my therapy and program, I would like to share my journal with you as I proceed through this journey.

Overweight postmenopausal women have a one-third higher risk of breast cancer, according to the research and whether apple or pear shaped -- whether belly fat or hip fat -- as an overweight woman the risk is high for cancer. The article was based on an extensive study, which involved nearly 175,000 women and appears in the the International Journal of Cancer.

As you read my journal, you will understand how I was among the fortunate who found my cancer early. This was made possible by my losing 50 pounds recently after discovering my recovery group and being able to feel the lump which previously had been covered up with fat. I feel sure this would not have happened had it not been for the weight loss.

The risk of death from breast cancer is not because overweight women have anything other women have. It's because the cancer hides under the fat. I had a mammogram 8 short months ago. The mammogram was fine. Fifty pounds later, it showed up and was found before I had to lose more than my hair. I lost a mass in my breast, but I'm alive to tell about it.

Please join me in this journey.

~ Lee Anne


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