One Day at a Time


June 14th began and I was in a really bad place. I went to my boss and asked for help. If I had been on drugs or alcohol, I would be in rehab so quick it would make my head spin, but I wasn't doing those things. I was doing candy bars. One of the girls in my office had fund raiser candy and I spent $5 a day, gaining so much weight that my stretch clothes wouldn't stretch anymore and I refused to buy a larger size. I was desperate. My boss said we'd do whatever it took. He got on the phone with someone and they suggested a therapist. This person was someone I had some personal dealings with and did not want to use him. So I got on the phone and called someone else. His response was that I needed to join OA. What a slap in the face that was. My experience in the past with OA was a bunch of old fat ladies bitching about being old and fat. I didn't want that. Been there. Done that. Still outgrew the t-shirt.

I decided I'd check it out. In the process of finding, I found I was immediately welcomed. I felt at home. I felt safe. I felt like this time would be totally different and I could do this. This time was different. I didn't focus on what others were doing or not doing. I didn't worry about them. I came to the program with the idea that I would treat this like I would cancer. I can't say that I'll wait until later or that I'll think about this. I didn't even sit on the side lines waiting for someone to rub the program off on me. I got in there and did the work. I got a sponsor. I became a leader. I became a sponsor. But most of all, I quit toting the books around and showing how "important" I was. I got off the "better than that" high horse. I became a human.

I committed my life and will to the power greater than me who did restore me to sanity. That was the secret. As a result, I've lost over 50 lbs. I don't know the exact weight because I never weighed myself except when going to the doctor. What I do know is that I was in a very tight size 24 stretch slacks and now wear a loose size 16 jeans.

Thank you God for showing me that life isn't found in candy bars!!!

~ Lee Anne



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