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Greetings 90 in 90 friends,

Today I begin my 90 Meetings in 90 Days journey. The topic of my meeting today was about wearing masks. Wearing a mask is something I've become good at doing over the years. For me the mask is essential in order to keep people from seeing the real me. The real me feels hurt and pain. The real me is remorseful for doing all of the stupid things I've done over the years. The real me is embarrassed for being a financial failure and not planning better for my retirement. I wear the mask because I don't want people to see my embarrassment and pain for being morbidly obese, in addition to all of the other remorseful things, including two failed marriages.

But today the mask comes off. I will not be wearing my heart on my shoulders. I will stop hiding behind the mask. I will face my problems sensibly. I will work on correcting my flaws with the help of my program and my Higher Power.

My plan today:
Attend at least two 12 Step meetings.
Do my writing assignment for my sponsor and report at the arranged time.
Make my food plan and maintain my abstinence.
Keep my hygiene and surroundings clean.
Plan my finances for the next month.

Peace and Blessings,


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